Sex Around the House

Sex Around The House 2 Players Couples Game from Ball and Chain Fun. Leave your sex play up to fate with one roll of the dice! With Sex Around the House Dice, you will turn your own home into the ultimate sexual playground. How to play: decide who rolls first, roll all four dice together. Read the directions that correspond with your roll from light to dark. There are no losers, roll the dice and act it out! Spice up your sex life without leaving your home. Players move their game pieces through the house illustrated on the game board. Once in a room, the player chooses a card from the pile. Read the card aloud to your partner, and then lead them away into the REAL corresponding room in your house to fulfill the sexual activity. Experience as many rooms in your house as possible! Contents: 130 room cards (13 per room), 2 game pieces, 1 die and 1 game board.


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