Fuzu Vibrating Massage Gloves

Fuzu Vibrating Massage Gloves from Doctor Love. Be honest, you have seen a few versions of the vibrating massage glove in our day. Some are great, some are good, and others are a bit under whelming. The Vibrating Massage Gloves are simply spectacular! No awkward floppy fit here! The Fuzu glozes are stretchable, breathable and naturally, comfortably snug. Once you have slipped the silky Lycra over your left and right, or watched your partner do that same, you will be able to experiment with twenty possible modes of pin point precise vibration. A tiny motor in each finger will pulse, buzz and throb with synchronized bliss as you explore new and revisit classic ways to get handsy with yourself or a playmate. Vibration is easy to activate and vary with one simple push button on the back side of each glove. Hold it down for a few seconds to unlock vibration, then press to cycle through those twenty vibe modes we mentioned. Each Fuzu Vibrating Massage Gloves are rechargeable via USB, and comes with a handy dual charge cable. Once fully powered up, your Gloves will buzz for approximately one continuous hour. In Lycra Spandex with silicone trim, the Fuzu Vibrating Massage Gloves are easy to clean before and after playtime. Hand wash your Gloves with some mild detergent, and let them air dry. Gloves are completely waterproof and fully submersible. One size fits most. Product size: length 10 inches, width 7 inches at largest point. Power source USB Rechargeable. Special features: flexible, multi-functional, multiple speed, non-phallic, waterproof.


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