Eve’s Fetish Dreams Spanking Paddle

Act on your kinkiest cravings with this sexy spanking paddle. It’s diamond-pattered vegan leather surface kisses your skin with a saucy sting for erotic sensations you’ll never forget. The paddle’s weight feels great in your hand, and the vegan leather’s satin -smooth surface makes for a great caress before you get to the spanking finale. Firm yet flexible, it also delivers the perfect popping sound and bounces the beautifully against bare skin – to make all your spanking dreams come true!

Kinky vegan leather spanking paddle
Sexy design gives you the perfect spanking
Solid inner layer with soft padded vegan leather outer layer
Diamond-patterned surface feels so smooth
Just the right blend of weight and bounce
Wide surface for maximum contact
Flexible, easy-to-swing handle
13″ total lenght, 2.43″ wide


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