The purpose of life is the pursuit of pleasure...

Created by a team of sisters, Project Pleasure was built on the foundation of inclusivity. Pleasure looks different to everyone and as women who all view pleasure differently, we understand that it is not a “one size fits all".” With the help of strong women in our lives we have taken notes and created a space where everyone of all genders and ages can come to our site and find something in the pursuit of pleasure. At Project-Pleasure we want to break taboos and spark erotic conversation where our customers can indulge in their desires with comfort and ease. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience where anyone can choose from an abundance of different products, and find what pleasure means to them.  After all, the purpose of life is the pursuit of pleasure, and it is the quest for those objects and experiences that will make life more enjoyable. Our team is centered around catering to all genders, tastes, kinks and more, which is why we are determined to ensure we provide a large selection of toys and bedroom gear fitting the needs of all people, which we are always updating and improving.

Through endless conversation and debates around women and sex we realized it was time to make our mark. Breaking standards of women having to fit in the box of pretty, pink and pastel we opted for something that spoke to us, sensual, sexy and bold. Thus, Project-Pleasure was created. A safe place, not only for women to come and explore themselves and their desires but for everyone of every age. Find your pleasure and enjoy the journey at project-pleasure.com